Monday, May 7, 2007

concert crowding

ok, this might be proof that i'm just getting old, but am i the only person who gets a little miffed when people crowd into the teeny-tiny places between you and the people in front of you at a concert? i went to see fields and blonde redhead at the 9:30 last night, and there was a decent sized crowd, not too crowded. stephanie and i kept a small but reasonable amount of space between us and the people standing in front of us, but some people saw that as an opportunity to wedge themselves into that space.

she didn't mind so much and told me i was being stand-offish for not making space for these people. i felt like if i move back for one group, another will move in and i'll keep getting forced further and further back. what do you think, am i in the wrong here? i don't want to be a jerk, but i think that once you've staked out a space on the floor in a general admission concert, it's everyone for himself at that point.

and don't get me started on the hundreds of people at coachella last week who felt like they absolutely HAD to push forward to be in the front row, even though they arrived 20 minutes into a set and there was absolutely no room within 100 feet of the stage...

UPDATE: here's dcist's review of the concert.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, that is annoying. But, it is kind of something you accept when you go to a concert.

It is kind of like accepting that you will be waiting in the checkout line for a minimum of 30 minutes when you go to the P Street Giant.

We all know it's going to happen, and it's annoying, but we subject ourselves to it anyway.