Monday, February 9, 2009

follow-up on the construction at 440 rhode island ave nw

i promised a couple more images of the ongoing construction of an apartment building at 440 rhode island avenue nw. first, here are the permits, stating that it will be a 4-story building with 19 units (not sure of district law, but does the basement count as one of those floors?)

below is a picture of the progress (taken on sunday afternoon) taken from the northwestern corner of 5th and rhode island.

finally, here's a shot of the back of the building, taken in the alley. unfortunately, with the sun setting, i couldn't get a decent photo of the area from the other side. it would have been a better shot, but the glare from the sun precluded that from happening. it would appear that there will be a some space in the back for a dumpster and a few parking spaces.

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Anonymous said...

Props for getting your bike in the pic.