Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new restaurant coming to 12th street in brookland

first saw this reported in the north capitol heartbeat newsletter, but it's a print-only publication (with a circulation of 5,033—pretty exacting, eh?)

kellys' ellis island restaurant, at 12th and quincy in downtown brookland, is being replced by a new location of san antonio bar & grill, a tex-mex restaurant with locations in alexandria and crystal city.

the restaurant was supposed to be open the first week of february, according to the newsletter. since that was last week, can anyone from brookland report if that's the case, or if they're still working on the switch-over?


Anonymous said...

As a longtime Brookland resident, I was wondering the same thing so I called them. According to the gentleman who answered the phone, they open Monday Feb 16. Happy President's Day!

Anonymous said...

Man, I'd eat a taco on President's Day. I'll dedicate my first taco Zachary Taylor. Mr. Taylor, this taco is for you.

Anonymous said...

Bloomingdale (BloMi) makes the Why I Hate DC blog:


Anonymous said...

So excited about the re-opening of the restaurant, and I like Mexcan food, so it looked like a great thing. Utterly disappointed - margarita mix was a bunch of chemicals, though generous enough with the tequila. Ceviche was ok, but the supposedly vegetarian dish had lard in the refritos (admittedly, as it should). My danish cousin makes better mexican food than was served here.

Ryan Eades said...

If anyone wants to know what it looks like, as a LONG time former Ellis Island employee, I went to visit: