Sunday, February 1, 2009

neighbors-only meeting for the mcmillan project

i'm passing along the information from scott roberts' bloomingdale listserv:

Neighbors-Only Meeting on McMillan Megasite

Mehdi Mansouri, Tony Norman and Don McKinnon would like to invite any interested neighbors to an informal meeting on Tuesday, February 3rd at the home of Don McKinnon:

2429 First Street, NW (corner of First and Channing)

This meeting is for neighbors only. The purpose of the meeting is to get organized for the developer's two-hour meeting on Saturday the 7th.

We are very interested in folks that are familiar with: property deeds, Federal and DC environmental laws and regulations, Federal and DC transportation laws and regulations, and basics of urban design.

We are also very interested in anyone familiar with the Zoning Commission, and especially anyone who knows anyone on the Zoning Commission. We are also interested in recruiting some folks to knock on doors for an hour or two.

Most importantly, we want to be able to have a productive discussion without the supervision of the Bethesda-based development team.

Again, neighbors only. Hope you can make it. We will have light refreshments. BYOB.

Space is limited. Please rsvp as soon as possible.

Please rsvp to Don McKinnon at don @

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