Sunday, August 16, 2009

UPDATE: blogroll updates

UPDATE: after looking at things more closely, i realized there were many sites i left out of this update, so i'm including them here. in addition, i removed a few more sites after determining that they really haven't been active for quite a while. if they come back to life, i'll gladly add them back on the blogroll. i also alphabetized everything, with neighborhood blogs first, then other blogs alphabetized at the bottom.


  • BeyondDC—not a neighborhood blog, but it covers a lot of topics that affect DC neighborhoods, so i've added this blog that i've long been following to the blogroll.
  • DC Address Coordinates—this blog, run by the DC GIS department, offers a fascinating look at how our building addresses are analyzed here in the city.
  • The Georgetown Metropolitan—this is an absolutely fantastic blog that gives daily news updates from georgetown, as well as interesting things like a series on architecture, discussion of neighborhood landmarks, and great photography.
  • Housing Complex—again, this is not specifically a neighborhood blog, but development in all of DC's neighborhoods gets very good coverage here.
  • Preserving DC Stables—a blog that advocates for the preservation of alley dwellings and businesses, which are (sadly) less common than they used to be in DC.
  • The WashCycle—the go-to blog for news about cycling in the DC area.
  • Columbia Heights News—this website hasn't been updated since last october.
  • Developments in SW DC—there were three blogs that i found almost simultaneously last year that covered DC's smallest quadrant. two of them seem to be thriving, but this one stopped updating in march. maybe 3 blogs was too much for southwest.
  • Eckington DC Living—another area that used to have three blogs, eckington, seems to have seen another one peter out. no posts since april.
  • Fifth and Oh—one of the many shaw blogs, fifth and oh hasn't posted since january (when it seemed a lot of shaw bloggers got very frustrated after the ANC elections led to continued gridlock on the commission.
  • The Goodspeed Update—i'm still following rob's blog personally, but he's moved to boston and doesn't really post about DC neighborhood issues directly anymore.
  •—i heart shaw—another shaw blog that became a home for twitter updates for a time, then stopped updating.
  • Treebox Vodka—still the greatest blog name of all time, treebox vodka hasn't updated since last september, and hasn't scheduled a cleanup since then.

ORIGINAL POST: i realized my blogroll was well past overdue for an update. there were a few blogs that have reached their end, and some new ones (some of them aren't really "new," but they're new to my RSS reader, so i wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there are more people out there talking about their DC neighborhoods).

  • ANC2C02 Forum—anc commissioner kevin chapple's site was taken offline after a complaint was filed that he was making a profit off of the site. it's too bad, it was an excellent resource. the negative energy side of shaw won this battle.
  • Off Seventh—after briefly coming back to life, it looks like brian has cashiered the blog for real.
  • Bloomingdale—this was one of my inspirations when i moved into the neighborhood. i wanted to be able to add to what sean was doing, without overlapping too much. i think we achieved that during the last few years. very sad to see his blog come to an end.
  • Barry Farm (re)mixed—a blog covering the barry farm area, located between historic anacostia and st. e's west campus.
  • Bates Area Civic Association—covers news from the eastern part of shaw (truxton circle, bates, hanover).
  • Brookland Avenue—news and observations from brookland here in ward 5.
  • Convention Center Community Association Blog—news from the new and very active community association that covers the part of shaw near the convention center.
  • C Street NE Project—a narrowly-focused blog, discussing the efforts to make the stretch of c street near RFK into a neighborhood street instead of a pseudo-freeway.
  • Deanwood Denizen—only one post, so i don't know if this blog is really going to happen or not, but a voice from the far northeast part of river east would be very welcome in the neighborhood blogosphere.
  • in bloom—a new voice in bloomingdale. we lost sean, but we picked up elle! a very nice, clean design, i might add.
  • North Capitol Main Street—covering the commercial districts here in bloomingdale, eckington, and truxton circle.
  • Park View, D.C.—this blog covers one of the small neighborhoods that frequently gets swallowed up by columbia heights or petworth when people are talking about the areas along the green line north of the old city.
  • Rhode Island Avenue NE Insider—a blog that focuses on this long-neglected commercial corridor, from the rhode island avenue metro station to the district/maryland line.
  • Rosedale Citizens' Alliance—this blog covers the neighborhood south of benning road and east of capitol hill.
  • The Penn Brangler—the first blog covering the penn branch neighborhod of river east.
  • Ward 3 DC—this blog has a lot of territory to cover. it's kind of surprising that ward 3, with all it's civic activity, doesn't have more neighborhood blogs.


Nichole said...

This is a great update. Although it's clearly self-promotion, I'd like to add A group of us on the Hill were shocked when we realized the Hill didn't have a community blog to call its own, and got started on the Hill is Home this summer.

brooklandavenue said...

Thanks for the plug

Thin Line said...

The ANC02 was a good source of information, however, it was deemed improper. Nothing negative about that, besides the guy is an attorney. He should have known better.

District Limerick said...

Also shameless self-promotion, but you're sorely lacking for a DC-themed limerick blog! How about this:

Brett said...

The blogroll link to thewashcycle ( will take you a website about coin-operated laundry equipment sales in the Carolinas. While fascinating, the real link, which is correct in the blogroll updates, should be

IMGoph said...

rosenrosen: oops! thanks for pointing that out.

20Something said...

I'd add a little shameless self promotion to the list. I live in the Truxton Cir neighborhood and write a blog about inexpensive arts and culture in DC at

Georgetown Metropolitan said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Although, it doesn't look like it actually made it to the blog roll.

If you add the link, I promise I'll continue my series on historic school buildings...

IMGoph said...

gm: please, please, don't stop the series on historic schools!

i can't believe i screwed up again and left you off the blogroll list! you know, your RSS feed has no title, so when your posts show up in my reader, it just says "(title unknown)". anyway, it should be fixed now.

Georgetown Metropolitan said...

I didn't realize that about my RSS feed. I know I don't have a name for the page because the particular style I use would put an ugly title across the top if I did. I'll have to see if I can do something about that.

Your Real Estate Insider said...

I am a big fan of the Georgtown blog as well. Great site. Nice updated list.

jimbo said...


While I may not remain in Shaw for long, I'm still blogging and will continue to do so for eternity.

CCCA Prez said...

C-C-C-A in da HOWS!!!

representin' not disrepectin' the peeps!

Friend of Bundy said...

woof! who left the dogs out? you don't want to include us dog-loving micro issue bloggers at: ?

if the nice weather holds out, join us for Jazz on the Green tonight (or Sunday) at Bundy Park, 400 b/o P Street NW, with the DC Choro Ensemble.

David said...

thanks for the link to DC Address Coordinates

Geeta said...

I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to add my blog to your blogroll.

I live in the U Street area and have been a DC resident for almost 15 years, which means I've suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous dating misfortune for ages. I recently started a blog called 50 Dates chronicling my experiment to find love within six degrees of separation. I've asked my friends to find me 50 straight and single men to have a date with by June 2010. I hope it provides a laugh or two.

Here's the link: