Thursday, August 13, 2009

empty parking space? nah, i'll just park in the bike lane

another day, another blocked bike lane. and this time, it's just ridiculous to the point of being nearly sublime.

there is a spot reserved for government vehicles in front of the mary mcleod bethune council house on vermont avenue south of logan circle. but this government worker decided that the posh space was just too good for him/her.

they decided to park in the bike lane instead, keeping any other government worker from being able to reach parking nirvana (and forcing cyclists to move out into traffic that frequently is exceeding the speed limit during the morning rush).

kudos to this worker bee for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Anonymous said...

you can call the police and say they are blocking traffic.

Anonymous said...

Stop snitchin!

Anonymous said...

yell at them!

monkeyrotica said...

Jesus f**k! I f**king HATE that $h!t! I see it all over town: fully open space with some dildo IGNORING it and parking in the middle of the f**king street. Usually a delivery truck/van but most of the time a MD/VA Mercedes in front of a fastfood place where they're only "going to be a second." My theory is that this is the nexus of mental deficiency and laziness combined with a profound inability to parallel park in less than 10 minutes.