Thursday, August 20, 2009

'chuck brown way' not where everyone says it's going to be

if you go to chuck brown's website, or read this article at the washington examiner's website, you can see that they all say the unveiling of the 'chuck brown way' sign will take place on saturday (his birthday) at 7th and t nw, but this picture clearly shows the sign is ready to go at the corner of 7th and s nw (apologies for the clarity, this is the best we could do with jaime's phone).

sure, it's just a block down the street, but that has to matter given the official resolution passed by the council, right?


Chuck D. said...

You live in Trinidad now, right? If so, is it time to change the name of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he does live in Trinidad. Man, you lost your street cred in bloomingdale.

bamoll said...

I don't care where you live - we miss your posts!