Monday, March 5, 2007

help us save internet radio!

alright, i'd like to enlist other blogs and people out there to pay attention to an important issue: the future of internet radio.

some quick background: i listen to radio paradise every day at work. it's the soundtrack to my day, and without the quality music running in the background, each day in my cube would be enormously less interesting. i am a supporting listener of radio paradise, meaning that i've donated money to bill and rebecca goldsmith to help keep their great station running. now, bill has let all the listeners know that a new ruling from the u.s. copyright office could shut down radio paradise, as well as other internet radio stations, because the fees would be more than they could possibly handle.

currently, he's waiting to hear from some experienced attorneys to determine what the best step would be to take to ensure that some agreement can be reached that will keep internet radio from being irreparably damaged. in the meantime, read his blog post here at the website. i'll update my blog when something new is announced, but basically, i'm hoping you'll all take interest in this, and help with potentially lobbying the relevant members of congress if that happens to be the direction that things should go in in the near future.

thanks for you interest and attention to this. and while you're at it, give radio paradise a listen, and maybe send a few dollars to bill and rebecca. they do yeoman's work and deserve our support for their fantastic efforts.

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