Tuesday, March 6, 2007


there aren't any on my street. luckily, the 100 block of seaton place nw (and the unit block) were repaved in the fall. it was right after i moved into bloomingdale, and it was great to see all of the holes and patches gone on my block (it made riding my bike up and down the street a lot more comfortable).

unfortunately, there will be some soon. i know it's just something you have to expect living in an older part of the city, but a water main was leaking on our block last week. wasa came and fixed it, but it meant they had to jackhammer a big hole in the center of the street right in the middle of the block. they did a really half-assed job of patching the spot, and i'm sure that with just a couple freeze/thaws, and a plowing or two (we're going to get more snow tomorrow), potholes will begin to open up. at least we had a smooth street for almost six months.

and oh yeah, t street nw is going to have the same problem, because when i walked up the unit block on sunday, there was a water leak there, and i'm sure wasa will be doing the same thing there (they were also repaved last fall).

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