Thursday, March 8, 2007

laundromat in bloomingdale

in the old sylvan theater just west of 1st and rhode island nw (it's a little to the left of the arrow on that map) on the south side of the street, there is a sign for a laundromat, though it's closed.

well, looks like that's going to change. i saw a sign that said a new laundromat is soon to open in the building. i can't remember the name, but i'll post an update on that when i get home later (unless someone beats me to it in the comments).

UPDATE: ok, i finally walked back over and looked closely at the sign. if i only had a working camera, i'd put a picture here. anyway, it says 'COMING SOON - Dexter Laundry Equipment' and it has the horsehead logo found on this webpage on the sign as well. anyone care to speculate on what this all means?

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Sean Hennessey said...

odd, in that the trend is for all new places to get washer/dryers in their units.

places without laundries are diminishing from our neighborhood.