Thursday, March 1, 2007

some notes

well, i've done a terrible job of keeping up on things. but here are some things to check out:

1) have you checked out the plans for the washington gateway project at florida and new york avenues? this building is going to be enormous. i'm especially excited to hear about the connection to the metropolitan branch trail. now, if feds, the railroad, and everyone else who is holding up that project can just get their asses in gear.

2) there is going to be a new restaurant at the northwest corner of north capitol and p streets. there used to be a chicken place there, and it's a fine looking location. i just hope that more foot traffic and renewal can quickly move into that area, to help the business thrive. here's the press release:

In what may prove to be a significant step forward for the Eckington-Bloomingdale-Truxton Circle area, a new sit-down restaurant will be opening on North Capitol Street N.W. within the next 30 days. This will be the first such restaurant located on North Capitol Street between New York Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue.

At the Hanover Civic Association meeting Wednesday evening, Julius Bell informed me that he will be opening J. Bell's, a restaurant located at P Street N.W. and North Capitol Street. That is the location of the former New York Fried Chicken takeout (1500 North Capitol Street NW).

Mr. Bell is seeking a liquor license and approval from the 5C Advisory Neighborhood Commission. His plans also include a permit for a sidewalk cafe with 24 seats. He will be providing guests with a full menu.

Understandably, Mr. Bell is planning to leave the defensive glass presently in place for at least the next 3-4 months. I am calling upon the community to provide support to Mr. Bell and give him the confidence to remove this barrier, in accordance with the lead of the sit-down restaurant Windows Cafe (located at Rhode Island and First Street N.W.).

Mr. Bell may be contact with any questions or suggestions at

3) i went to the anc5c meeting last week. let me summarize it for you: i do not intend to attend another anc meeting anytime soon. unfortunately, our neighborhood leadership needs to do some work to make their meetings really worthwhile. first of all, they need to make the meetings longer to fit in the entire agenda. there is a strong agenda written for each meeting, with time blocked off for each speaker/discussion, but it isn't followed.

for example, this last meeting was supposed to have 5 minutes for our coucilmember to speak. he wasn't able to attend at the allotted time, which is fine, because there was discussion going on at the wilson building for a bill. but, when he did arrive, mr. thomas spoke for over 20 minutes. the council chair needed to reign things in and keep the meeting moving forward, but she seemed incapable of doing so.

i don't say this to denigrate anyone, but it's obvious that they all need to work harder at running an efficient meeting. until they can display that ability, i will have better things to do with those 3 hours of my day.


well, that's it for now. it's raining out, and i didn't go to my usual karaoke tonight, which is disappointing. guess it's time for bed.

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in a perfect world, rain would never prevent karoke