Monday, March 26, 2007

street cleaning

1) boooo....this means i have to worry about moving my car back and forth across the street every week. it's really making me think about completely getting rid of it when it comes up for registration renewal this summer.

2) yaaay!!!! the street won't have so much garbage in them anymore. i was skeptical that cleaning would really start today, but i just got home, and lo and behold, the south side of seaton and the east side of 1st street both look to be free of detritus it in their respective gutters.

now, to get the garbage off the sidewalks....

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Unknown said...

Here's an endorsement for giving up the car. I've done it for two years and it's liberating. Short-term car rental services like Zipcar and Flexcar make more practical downtown than any time since Henry Ford started mass production. And with the potential conversion of 17th Street to a pedestrian promenade (, the city will become even more pedestrian friendly.