Sunday, September 9, 2007

another business complaint

i don't want to turn this blog into a better business bureau-type rant thing here. but i have to give another rant in a follow-up to the note about giant last week.

i went to merchant's tire in college park this morning to get an oil change because they sent me a coupon for a $12 oil change and tire rotation. i thought "good deal" and, since i needed an oil change, i thought i'd head up there. now, i don't drive my car much anymore, but it was overdue for new oil, so i figured it was worth it.


go elsewhere if you can. don't be attracted by the low prices. the service there was terrible. they didn't even rotate my tires properly. they only did the driver's side tires. i let it go because i'm going to get a proper alignment and probably 2 new tires soon anyway, but i sure as heck am not going to get that done at merchant's.

all in all, there have to be a hundred other places inside the beltway that can change oil and rotate tires. i'll be checking them out in the future, as the indifference and laziness i saw at merchant's just isn't worth my time (or yours, i would wager).

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