Tuesday, September 25, 2007

lazy window blogging

it's not that i'm really blogging about the construction across the street, it's just that i see it when i look out the window in the morning, and my lack or creativity or energy just makes me think, "hey, let's just take a picture of the first thing you see." good thing that that first thing is somewhat interesting, eh?

anyway, when you put a dumpster out on the street, you have to expect that everyone in the area will see it and think, "hey, i can throw out that large generic item i have in my house that i've wanted to get rid of for a long time!" don't say you haven't thought the same thing yourself!

here's the dumpster this morning:i can't see the first bike that was thrown in there anymore, but it looks like another one has taken its place next to the fridge on the top. anyone want to try to fit a small car in there???

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