Monday, September 10, 2007

crime on our street

living on seaton place has led to a lot of good-natured joking from some friends lately, as people from bloomingdale and beyond have heard about some of the troubles we've had with the thugs at the end of the block near north capitol. at the pig roast/concert/farmers' market/neighborhood party on sunday, my roommate and i got a chance to talk to john salatti of the ANC about the meeting that took place last week about what's being done to stop this uptick in crime.

(i would have linked to the anc 5c webpage here, but the site seems to be down.)

he told us about a future meeting involving the mayor and the chief of police, and told us about some of the things that the MPD is planning to put into place to help catch the drug dealers and other scofflaws up that way. it sounds like there is some serious effort being put into draining that swamp.

i have noticed a lot more police cruisers heading up and down the block the last few nights. i don't know if this is directly related to trying to tamp down street crime on seaton, but it sure seems like it is, and i say bravo! no one should have to worry about their safety while walking their dog or sitting on their stoop in this neighborhood.

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vikki said...

last week a police car was parked in our alley (1st & Rst NW) for most of the night. little strange since all his lights were off