Sunday, September 16, 2007

so much for the met branch trail

the metropolitan branch trail, the bike trail that is supposed to someday parallel the red line from silver spring down to union station, looks like it just took a step backwards, at least temporarily.

those are construction trailers for the new marriott hotel up there on the stub part of the trail that's been already completed. (this picture was taken from florida avenue looking south-southeast towards the new york ave. metro station.) it's a nice view of town from up there, especially at sunset, but i guess it's been taken out of commission for at least a year while this hotel gets built (which, incidentally, given its proximity to the trail, will obliterate said nice view....)

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Unknown said...

I can't say that doesn't suck that they are taking part of the trail back. I assume it is temporary, but I guess that isn't a safe assumption.

On the whole, I'd give up a fragment of a trail for a year in order to get some business development going around New York/Florida Avenues.

And for the record, I think it is a Courtyard by Marriott going in, not a full-on Marriott Hotel