Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UPDATE: another old house lost?

update #2: here are two pictures showing today's work towards creating the extra room on top of this house:


the original post is still below, but here's an update. i spoke to a man outside of the house on my way to work this morning, and he says the turret will be put back on the house. they are raising the roof 4 feet behind it in order to create another livable floor (this is a big house that's just getting bigger, but that's fine with me). he said emphatically that it will NOT be like the house across the street.


is another house losing its top in bloomingdale?this is 100 seaton place nw (the southwest corner of 1st and seaton nw). there's been a little bit of work done on the roof in the last week, then yesterday, the turret was taken off. i hope this is just temporary, and that the frame gets placed back where it belongs and gets reskinned. it's a great octagonal turret, and losing it would be a shame. the house across first street, on the southeast corner, already lost its turret a few years ago.

southeast corner of 1st and seaton nw


Richard Layman said...

S***, I wish I would have seen this earlier. Paul Schwartzman will have a piece on this subject in tomorrow's paper. I took him around to a bunch of houses I was familiar with, but I don't know your area well, so I just showed him the buildings on North Capitol.

IMGoph said...

well, i'll take some more pictures today and put them up...they've placed the turret back on top of the corner and reshingled it.