Sunday, July 6, 2008

diamond cab: more than a cab company now?

this looks to be the front door of diamond cab's operation on 11th street nw between q street and rhode island avenue. a pretty plain brick building that houses their dispatch offices, i'd assume. the door is on the southwest corner of 11th and q.

just south of that door on 11th street has been their garage and parking lot for disabled cabs. i used to live across the street and always saw cabs in various states of disrepair parked there, presumably waiting their turn to be placed back into service in the fleet.

well, it looks like being a cab company isn't enough for diamond cab anymore. once your get south of that door, as you can see below, you are now greeted with a banner that lets you know diamond cab now has a car wash available, as well as (apparently) a full auto-service center. i tried calling the number to get some information (since the signs say "open 7 days", but they don't give hours. apparently they don't have an answering machine either, because no one picked up when i called the number on the sign.


monkeyrotica said...

Does the term "mafia front operation" mean nothing to you? C'mon, Mr. T runs this place and he's pretty desperate for cash.

Anonymous said...

We used them to fix our a/c and they actually did a great job at a very fair price.