Monday, July 14, 2008

i'll take the dog owners, please

now, first off, a few dog owners jumped down my throat for this post, where i noted that they seemed to be illiterate, or at least obstinate, in ignoring the signs near the statue at the center of logan circle that say "no pets".

there has been some talk recently about converting some of the park area at the corner of 11th and q nw to a dog park. now, usually, i'm not a fan of the dedicated dog park, as i feel like kids deserve the use of parks before the four-legged friends get there's. that being said, when i saw the following mess at the park this morning, i was inclined to change my mind.

tons of garbage left behind by the adults using the basketball court the night before. there are more tecate cans here than i've seen in your average latin american market. i've seen grown men urinating on the skate park here, instead of finding a real restroom to take care of their business.

no matter what you think about dog walkers, they (usually) pick up after themselves and their pets. you can't say the same about the men who were here yesterday evening, which is pretty pathetic in my book.

now, the garbage was gone by this afternoon, but i'll bet dollars to doughnuts that DPW or DPR folks cleaned up this mess. dog walkers would have cleaned up any mess the second their pet made that mess.

bring on the dog walkers. to hell with the slobs who don't give a shit about their neighborhood.

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