Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sidewalk cafe for windows!

i caught wind of this in scott roberts' daily email yesterday, and i went to snap a picture this morning. i would assume this is going to be on the 1st street side of things, since there's a lot more space there. in addition, the kids that often hang out smoking in front of the chinese carry-out next door probably aren't the ambiance that you're looking for with a sidewalk cafe. (click on the image above if you want to actually read the notice.)


K said...


This establishment will soon be frequented by members of both KOKO and Ra Ra Rasputin, as some of them live in the neighborhood.

Unknown said...

I don't know who KOKO or RaRa are, but I think this is a great addition to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

On a semi-related note; have you noticed the bullet hole in the building at the corner of 1st and T NW?

It is in the green bay window material, just below the glass and above the brick. It is in the building that was supposed to become a Heller's Bakery.

Anonymous said...

That's great and all but who would want to sit outside when there are ghetto pimps hanging outside the Chinese carryout joint?

IMGoph said...

hey anonymous poster: sign your posts. if you're going to say offensive things, at least have the guts to put a name to it.

it's clear that you are using the term "ghetto pimps" here as a substitute for "young black men". just come out and say it.

for the record, if the sidewalk seating is on the 1st street side of windows, the two groups will easily stay out of each others' hair.

Anonymous said...

Well, I really hope the owner of Windows will be able to keep street trash away from paying customers.

Anonymous said...

What are KOKO and Ra Ra Rasputin? Are they artists? Music groups? Please let us know.

Anonymous said...




ra ra rasputin