Tuesday, May 8, 2007

trees down

ddot cut down a few dead trees on the block yesterday, leaving stumps with "ES" sprayed on them in fluorescent orange paint. does that mean "eliminate stump" or "eradicate stump"? i hope they do grind out the stumps so new trees can be planted there. i'll put a picture of this up later (unless they get rid of the stumps today) since my camera is magically working again!

UPDATE: well, there's a picture. the sun was setting, so i had to cast a shadow on the tree to keep the paint from being lost in the light, and it's a bad angle so you can hardly read it. someone left a comment about stumps being ground down on w street the day after being cut down, so we'll see if the city comes back around to grind this stump really soon.


Anonymous said...

they cut down the dead tree in front of my place (1st and W) last week and then grinded the stump yesterday. they will probably come back this week or next to get rid of the stump. it was a really pleasant surprise to see them out there last week since we called in december to have it removed.

Tom A. said...

They planted a nice row of about 10 trees on the 100 block of T Street last fall- November I think it was. Not one got any leaves this spring, and they are all dead. Not sure why everyone tree died during the winter- they may have planted them too late in the season for them to get rooted properly before winter. They get an A for effort, but an F for execution!