Wednesday, November 21, 2007

big development to the north of bloomingdale

here's a quick update from michigan (we're supposed to get up to 4 inches of snow tonight....fingers crossed!!!):

on the express' website today, you can find a story about the armed forces retirement home development project. the image to the right comes from the master plan document you can find here. page 149 of this 154 page PDF has a map of the overall plan for the AFRH area.

overall, as it stands right now, this doesn't look good to me. too many large buildings with imposing facades and not enough differentiation. the whole thing is monolithic. it reminds me of a bad public housing project. i don't think that, if built this way, this will be considered such a nice place 20 years down the road. it needs more character, less rigidity. but, i suppose that rigidity is something you might expect from the military.


Unknown said...

That is possibly the worst use of that space possible. I agree that is a low-rise housing project waiting to happen.

I can't imagine that a project like that can move forward very quickly. Lets hope not.

David Garber said...

Doesn't look so bad to me. In the document it says that the plan is "for illustrative purposes only." nothing final here. Site plans do not do a good job of showing differentiation, anyway. This will be highly scrutinized, and it looks like they are being pretty thoughtful about the process.