Friday, November 30, 2007

UPDATED: an open letter

thanks to mari over at, i have a new recycling bin. there's a house next door to her that was foreclosed upon, and they left some recycling bins behind. public property, says i. see, there is a benefit to the housing downturn!

here's the original post:

to the ignorant person who took our recycling bin:

i'm assuming that you'll never read this, because you're probably not bright enough to turn on a computer, let alone get on the internet. you took our recycling bin. we don't have an alley entrance to store it in, so it has to sit out there in the open on seaton place. pretty tempting, wasn't it. just had to take it, didn't you? bet you steal things from whomever you want to whenever you want to, don't you?

well, if there's some kind of fairness in this universe, you'll get held up soon, or have your house broken into. happens in this neighborhood frequently enough. i hope you're the next victim.

toodles. jerk.


Mari said...

Dude if you need a blue bin there are a gang of em at the empty foreclosed house near me. Email me mari ayht inshaw period com

inked said...

I'm told burglars sometimes take trash/recycling bins and use them to haul away the stuff they steal after a break-in.

IMGoph said...

when my house got broken into last year when i lived down in logan, they used my pillowcase to make off with the stuff from our house.

if my recycling bin has contributed to someone else's delinquency, i apologize to the person whose home was burgled.