Friday, November 16, 2007

dc's biggest holiday

no, it's not one of the holidays that the whole country observes (like independence day), or that a lot of the country observes (like christmas), or even an official DC holiday (emancipation day).

i'm talking about that day when, after the leaves have fallen off the trees and there's a real chill in the air....the day that DPW stops making you move your car to the other side of the street!

i know that day is coming soon. i just wish it was here already. i'm leaving to go home for the week, and i'm going to have to have friends move my car around while i'm gone. oh well, at least by the time christmas and new year's get here, i know i can park my car in one place and leave it there, safe in the knowledge that the only thing i have to worry about is someone breaking into it or stealing it. that's so much more reassuring than worrying about the ticket writers...


Ryan Eades said...

Hey there,

I missed something. What is the parking change to which you are referring?


14th & You said...

When my husband and I go away for a week we often debate the cost effectiveness of getting one ticket for each of our cars versus paying for airport parking. More frustrating than the cost/inconvenience issue, the storm drain at the end of our block is full or plastic bottles regardless of whether the street sweeper came through recently.

IMGoph said...


are you new to town? if so, you're in for a treat. in a couple weeks, the city will stop sweeping the streets on a regular basis for the duration of the winter. while that might mean some trash buildup in the gutters (which you can mitigate by sweeping stuff up yourself on occassion), it also means that you don't have to keep moving your car from one side of the road to the other.

if you're like me, and you don't drive much, it's nice to not have to worry about moving your car to avoid a ticket.

and, mrs. 14th & you, do you know people who live on your block? i get a friend who lives nearby to move my car for me. it's worked for me pretty well, and i've managed to avoid getting any parking tickets for leaving my car in a cleaning zone when i've left town for vacations.

Anonymous said...

Friday, November 30th is the day!!

Ryan Eades said...

Thanks for clarifying. This actually came just in time as my wife and I were out of town from Dec 2 thru 7.

Funny thing is I've lived in the city since 1995 and did not know this!

Through 1999 was college and had on campus parking. Through 2003 was offstreet parking (still had MD tags that were stolen twice!).
Then from 2003 through Dec 2006 was street parking on S.Carolina Ave SE in which they must have never swept that street because we never got ONE ticket for it in all that time! Maybe b/c it is a cobblestone street they didn't do it?

Then when we bought our house on RI Ave NW we began parking on T St between 1st and 2nd Sts, but it was winter by then as we moved in on Dec. 1. So come spring we got a ticket and were like, "What the hell?"

Now it all makes sense! Thank you bloomingdale (for now), you have clarified a wonderful intricacy of DC life that flew under my radar for over 10 years!

You may use that comment for promotional efforts of your blog.

Good day.