Sunday, November 4, 2007

old tena market

some landscaping progress at the old tena market at the southwest corner of 2nd and rhode island. still no idea if it'll be a market again, or if something new will be added to the neighborhood.


Sean Hennessey said...

i hope its not a coffee shop
: )

IMGoph said...

no, can't you see it....a coffee shop on every corner in bloomingdale. we'll be able to rename ourselves "the seattle of the east coast"

Sean Hennessey said...

bloomingdale, dc's "coffee district".

okay. i can see it.
you know, i've been seeing an unusual amount of drive through espresso kiosks in the suburbs lately. reminds e of the areas outside of seattle.

CitySlurp said...

nothing wrong with alot of coffee shops, it usally means better prices. Maybe if they became more more like a cafe they might be better, kinda like cosi.