Monday, December 17, 2007

1st and seaton - a.k.a. neveradullmomentistan

so here's the view yesterday, when the dark clouds were still overhead and the sun was setting. if i had a decent camera, i'm sure the contrast between the lit fa├žades of the houses would be more striking (i haven't captured just how cool it looked here).

and here we are tonight, at about 9 p.m. seven police cars (the last one is just off the right of the picture) were sitting here on the corner dealing with three young men who were in a big old buick roadmaster (haven't seen those much around here, but damn were they popular back in michigan with the retired set). anyway, there were a bag or two of white stuff laid out on the hood of one of the police cars, and all of the dozen or so officers gathered around to look at it. hopefully they caught a dealer here tonight!

(too bad the drug-free zone signs expired two weeks ago.)

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