Wednesday, December 5, 2007

a tale of two ANCs

look at the report for tonight's meeting for anc2f, and then look at the report and video of anc2c.

two groups that share a common border, a (supposedly) common mission, and absolutely nothing else. i can only imagine what developers and others coming in to present at these meetings must think.

it's quite obvious that the chair doesn't know parliamentary procedure (and thus, to her credit, she has brought in a parliamentarian there to tell her what to do at all times). i've seen student council meetings run more effectively in grade school. 'tis a shame...


Anonymous said...

Empty knows parliamentary procedure just enough to know how to abuse

Shaw Rez said...

just responded to your comment--sorry for the similar post over at renewshaw! Freaky. I hadn't seen your post until your comment!

Anyway, thanks for the always great reporting.