Tuesday, December 4, 2007

going to get the new recycling bin

i updated my post below about a recycling bin when mari over at inshaw.com found me a new recycling bin (ok, slightly used, but not a big deal...no one else was using it).

on the way to her place to pick up the new bin, i took a few pictures:

leaves, leaves everywhere. i was going to ask what we need to do to get the leaves off of the sidewalks, because it seemed like a lot of houses weren't doing their job and clearing the sidewalks in front of their houses (let's you know who probably won't be clearing snow off if we get any this year). the wind over the last two days has pretty much taken care of this for now. but i'm sure it's an issue in some places where the wind wasn't as strong.

i'm a little confused with the rosale condominiums at 1st and randolph. a couple days ago, this sign said, "Hurry, Just 4 Left", then "Just 2 Left", and now "Just 3 Left". can they make up their minds? how are there more available now than a couple days before? are people backing out of deals here? are more condos magically appearing out back?

finally, here's three d motors in the small triangle on the west side of the florida and R intersection. i hope they're paying the city rent for that part of the sidewalk they're taking over. actually, i would hope they would take their cars and high-tail it out of here. little crappy car lots like these around the city are an eyesore. the falling-down chain-link fences are ugly, and the vibe around places like this is just pure sketch. move on and build a house there instead!