Monday, December 3, 2007

the view just outside the neighborhood

i took the long way biking to the giant at the rhode island ave. metro station, and got these three photos:
here's the house at 26 P street NE. they are actually stacking two more floors on this house! it looks like they'll tip over on one of the houses next door. i'm hoping for two things here: 1) that the addition is made to look like it really should be part of the house architecturally, and 2) that the neighbors do the same thing, otherwise this is just going to look damn ridiculous.

here's the central building at the florida avenue market. just some exterior TLC (fix up that sign, good god! and repair the lightning rod-looking poles, replacing the missing ones and getting the existing ones that are listing like the leaning tower of pisa back upright) and this building could look 100 times better.

finally, we're at the point just south of new york avenue where brentwood and mount olivet split. this sign really made me laugh. apparently, you bear left to stay on brentwood, bear right to take mount olivet over to trinidad, and drive straight ahead through the grass to get on new york avenue. of course, that means you'll have to go through the grove of trees straight ahead...


Mari said...

Well it is in a zone where it can get that height and a few houses, including the one next to it, are shells.
I don't see what market it could appeal to. Office space is better on North Cap. Housing is less scary two blocks away. Maybe halfway housing? Then if it becomes such a place, the least of your worries is aesthetics.

si said...

wow thats a helluva bad popup.