Friday, December 7, 2007

this is a dangerous neighborhood! yuppies stay away!!!

ok, just kidding....figured the title might draw a little attention.

check out this sign (which is one of many that was taped up and down first street. there are always a lot of guys who congregate in groups of two or more out here in the street (usually not to sell and buy drugs, but sometimes i'm not so sure...), but i've never seen the police telling people to move along, etc.

anyway, the enforcement period ended last weekend, so i'm thinking the police should take the signs down. i would volunteer to take these down, but it says if i tamper with them, i'll get in trouble. so, might as well just stay away for now....because CHIEF CHARLES RAMSEY might come and get me...


CitySlurp said...

Just one more way the dc gov. is not up to date. So I found out that unlike most places, areas around school are not drug free zone. Is't that odd.

A Unique Alias said...

That's awesome. "Anyone congregating in a group of two or more people for the use, sale, or blahblah of illegal drugs blah blah"

But if it's just you totin' on the old crack pipe, then you're fine - no worries.