Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BIG TIME GEOGRAPHY NERDINESS: delaware avenue north of union station!

i was always under the impression that there was no delaware avenue north of union station. sure, before what's now the CSX tracks heading north out of union station towards silver spring were built, delaware avenue had existed in that right-of-way. but it's been gone for over 100 years, right?


then how do you explain these photos i took tuesday evening? is the city redesignating the road between L and M streets as delaware avenue?

(note: the upper picture had the brightness and contrast adjusted in photoshop. it was getting pretty dark when i took these pictures.)


Anonymous said...

Those Delaware Ave signs have been there since before they opened the NY Ave. Metro station.

IMGoph said...

oops, guess that's what i get for coming late to the game.

i just checked out the district's mapping site, and it shows delaware avenue there. none of the commercial sites show it. guess it's time to fire off a note to google et. al.

John Mitchell said...

Hmm, did you notice that Google Maps also erroneously has the NY Ave metro station located north of Florida?

Technically, of course, that IS where the tracks meet NY Ave. And the satellite maps don't yet show the station. (That's rather out of date, eh?)