Monday, April 14, 2008

cited in the post

my friend hilary pointed this one out to me today. the faster forward blog (which tracks "personal technology"), talked about the new neighborhood mapping on yahoo! maps, and referred to this here blog as the first to talk about it here in the hyper-neighborhood-centric dc blogosphere.

of course, rob, the writer at faster forward, called bloomingdale a northeast neighborhood at first, but he's corrected it, so he's off the hook. for now...

of course, he did mention this wikipedia map as a "more accurate" picture of the district's neighborhoods. more accurate than yahoo! maps, for certain, but still needs some work. for starters, crestwood has been replaced by colonial village, sursum corda could use a spellchack (of course, it'll be gone soon), and i have a sneaky suspicion that chevy chase shouldn't be that big...but i'll let someone else handle neighborhoods west of the park.

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