Tuesday, April 1, 2008

marriott update

here are a couple pictures of the progress that's being made on the new marriott hotel next to the new york avenue metro station. the first one was taken from the south on the met branch trail. the second one was taken from the north side, across florida avenue. it's moving along pretty quickly!


John W DC said...

There are going to be 8 floors and every few days when I take the metro I count. They seem to have a new floor up every 4 days or so. They're just finished the 7th floor.

The deli & pizza place are supposed be open in early June but they have yet to start construction on their respective spaces. I'm also curious which will be the five guys and which will be the deli/pizza place.

Unknown said...

It's technically not a "Marriott Hotel" but a "Marriott Courtyard Hotel". The Marriott would be a full service hotel with a bar, restaurant, room service, etc. The Courtyard is limited service and won't necessarily have a restaurant.

I only mention this because it would be something really special to get a full service hotel in there based on what is there now. A relatively small, business-travel oriented hotel like the Courtyard can be viable based on the relatively few things there are around it now. (also, I used to work for Marriott, so I gotta represent)