Tuesday, April 1, 2008

totally serious things happening on H street!

check these out:

meatpacking restaurant on H street
tommy wells' small bike plan
richard layman taking over the world....one district at a time
every ethnic group in town made H street what it is today....just not your ethnic group

and the best by far:

girlfriend no longer has excuse to not visit H street boyfriend

the best part from this:

"I saw Napa used sun-drieds," said Ginny referring to the sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled liberally throughout NAPA's menu. "And that was the deal-sealer for me. No white woman with a college degree can pass them up. I am going to come over at 7 p.m. maybe 7:30 this Saturday. Tell him to make sure no black guys are hanging on the corner this time."

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