Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i hope i never need an ambulance

not because i think that the EMS or fire department folks don't do a terrific job getting to places that need help. they do. it's just that, it seems like every single day (especially the last two mornings on my way into work), i see ambulances and fire trucks stuck in traffic. do people in this town have some kind of gene that makes you freeze when you see an emergency vehicle coming? i see fire trucks roaring down rhode island avenue, and instead of getting out of the way, cars just sit there. instead of moving out of the way, cars might move up a foot and think they've done all that's necessary to let the fire truck get to the emergency up the road.

please, people, when you see a fire truck or ambulance coming up behind you, pull into a driveway, alley, or side street. yeah, it might mean you'll be a minute or two later to your destination. but better you than a house burning down or someone dying because they didn't get to the hospital soon enough!


Anonymous said...

I agree, and this needs to be addressed. Isn't this one of the basic rules of drivers education?

Anonymous said...

Last time I rode in an ambulance, the driver complained about this very fact. Not sure what can be done about it.

Frequently when they ambulances get stuck, it's at a tight intersection where all lanes are already blocked by cars and no drivers want to pull out across the intersection against the light (and into traffic). Kind of understandable, actually. Again, not sure what can be done to alleviate that problem.