Thursday, July 23, 2009

flooding at scott circle

this afternoon, this was the view looking south down 16th street towards the white house from a point just south of scott circle. you can see that the road was closed off. why?

here's why. a whole bunch of water!

now, ddot just redid the circle a few years ago. dug everything up, installed new drainage, etc. why isn't the water draining then? i have a sneaking suspicion that the drains aren't being kept clear of debris. it's called maintenance, people. it's a shame that dc isn't so good with that. we build new roads, new buildings, new infrastructure, then just walk away and let it fall into disrepair...


Tom A. said...

Nice photos. I walked by at 5:10 and the water was much lower, and they should have at least be letting the giant rows of buses though. At 5:10 there was no water on the sidewalks, but it was at the edge of them.

What time did u take these?

IMGoph said...

this was about 7 p.m.