Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a tale of two trees

ok, this is really about more than two trees. it's really about two sets of trees, but i liked the dickensian title, so there you go.

first, look at these cherry trees in the median of rhode island avenue between 11th and 12th streets in logan:

click on the images and take a closer look. these trees are all mulched, have clearly been watered, and are thriving. now, look at these trees between 7th and 8th streets in shaw:

they're almost dead. no much, no water, the leaves have yellowed up and are falling off.

why did this happen? the trees are all on district land, and no property owner was obligated to take care of these trees. but, the people who live on the 1100 block of rhode island avenue clearly took the time to care for the trees that they see out their front windows. they care.

you just can't say the same for the poor trees on the 700 block. 7-11 clearly isn't interested in aesthetics. the people who live on this block haven't taken the initiative to adopt the trees either. they're likely doomed to die, unless they get some serious and sustained water immediately. isn't this something that the mayor's conservation corps could and should help rectify?


Anonymous said...

How can we contact the MCC and have them water trees? I was trying to do so yesterday but couldn't find their request form or contact info.

bamoll said...
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bamoll said...


Contact 311: