Thursday, July 23, 2009

parking rules still don't apply to everyone

i just finished a 3 and a half week stint serving on a jury in a civil case in the DC superior court system. spending every single day at the e. barrett prettyman courthouse gave me an appreciation for the mess that passes for parking around the courthouse complex. i saw a lot of examples of police cars like the one above, parked in a crosswalk, double-parked, or blocking an intersection.

this story has been discussed in the press recently, and it doesn't seem to have a solution, outside of digging out more parking underneath john marshall park, because i'm pretty sure that these police aren't going to be convinced to take public transportation to the courthouse.

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dmf said...

they (police) also get to run lights. when i lived on RI ave, seaton, and 2nd, cop cars would be constantly turning right on to RI from 2nd, ACROSS seaton.

nearly caused an accident once.