Wednesday, July 8, 2009

URGENT—meeting july 9th to help make shaw a better place

(for the record, i am clearly in favor of a park, not a parking lot, for this space)

there has been a TON of back-and-forth regarding the future of the parking lot behind the old bundy school in shaw (located on the 400 block of P street NW). it's clearly led to some frayed nerves for both proponents and opponents of a more public use for the space. either way, come out and make your voice heard at a community meeting tomorrow (thursday) evening, at 7 pm at the scott montgomery elementary school, located at 421 P street NW.

click on the flyer below, or check out the language from that flyer below the image:

Would you like Green Space or the Largest
Private Parking lot in Shaw at Bundy Park?

• The City’s plans for private parking for government officials
exceed the needs for the Bundy School building

• DC government building codes indicate that there should be
only one parking space for every 600 sq ft of floor space; the
Bundy School should need no more than 25 parking spaces

• The City has not offered a compromise on their parking plans

• Careful planning can accommodate the convenience of the
building employees and the needs of our community

• Help us get rid of a dark, desolate, dangerous eyesore locked
away from the community and a haven for crime

• Within the past month, two people have been shot within
yards of the Bundy Park

• The Friends of Bundy Park support a green space for neighbors
to replace the vacant lot at 400 P Street NW

• We support a place for the community to safely come together

• More eyes and feet on the street will deter crime

• Replacing a vacant lot with green space will bring a lively and
friendly activity to a deserted stretch of 400 P Street NW

Stop the Parking Lot!

Come to the Office of Property Management public meeting
7pm, Thursday, July 9, 2009
Scott Montgomery Elementary School, 421 P Street NW

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