Thursday, October 23, 2008


continuing a theme from yesterday—political advertising.

michael a. brown is running for council, and you should not vote for him. period. you get two votes. vote for kwame and someone else. make it carol, patrick, david, mark, i don't care. just not michael a. brown.

read this city paper article. he's an opportunist, and cashing in on his name seems to be par for the course. the man is just running for council to be on council. he ran for mayor, then councilmember from ward 4 when that clearly wasn't working for him (in the same election cycle).

hundreds of people around the city complain about his robocalls and his fliers on cars. he's just a menace that we should reward with nothing on election day.

update: he just keeps on getting people angry. here's another anti-love letter from titled "michael brown, i hate you"


Tom A. said...

Howdy! In response to yer dcist comment to me: MANY SMDs are in multiple precincts, so each of those SMDs will have ballots in two or more precincts. Same SMD, but different polling places, and different ballots, I think.

IMGoph said...

good point tom. maybe it should be the number of precincts that gives you the number of different ballots.

of course, that doesn't even bring up the ballots during the primaries, because you have to multiply everything by three (dem., rep., and statehood-green)

Anonymous said...

Robo-Call Revenge works! Let Michael Brown know how you feel about his telephonic home invasions.