Tuesday, October 21, 2008

interpretive signage in logan circle

i'm not sure if any other bloggers have picked up on this, but there are two (relatively) new signs up in logan circle. the one pictured here talks about general logan, whom the circle is named after. this one is on the east side of the circle. on the west side of the circle, there is a sign that tells some of the history of the neighborhood surrounding the circle.

as a history geek, it's nice to have more stuff like this to check out. bravo NPS.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know the place that I walk my doggeh at was also a gallow. I wonder where they hung the bodies at.

Tom A. said...

Does anyone reading this know what happened to the stature of general DuPont that was replaced by the current fountain?

Tom A. said...

In Dupont Circle, I mean- not Logan Circle!