Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wilson building tour

(portrait of john a. wilson in the entrance to the building named after him (sorry for the glare))

on october 15th, i went to the open house at the wilson building. it's our 'city hall', and i felt pretty embarrassed that i'd never been there though i've lived in the city for over 5 years. so i decided to check things out. all of the council members' offices were open for anyone to walk in and see what they look like. i managed to visit the council chambers of marion barry, yvette alexander, jack evans, harry thomas, muriel bowser, tommy wells, and carol schwartz.

muriel bowser (ward 4) was the only council member greeting people in her office while i was there, and she was quite friendly. i would highly recommend taking advantage of an opportunity like this if something similar happens again. i hope to go back soon to get a better appreciation of the art collection that lines the hallways there.

below are the (kinda hokey looking) entrances to the council (legislative) and mayoral (executive) wings of the fifth floor.

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