Thursday, October 30, 2008

yoga district schedule

commenter aparker asked to have the schedule at yoga district posted. it's available online here (warning: that's a PDF at that link), and here's the comment that jasmine included as well:

Hi! There's a limited class schedule until the Grand Opening on November 17th (fundraiser party on November 16th for Delfa Hercules' family and a Winter Peace Initiative- see for info). Until Nov. 17th, classes are 6:45pm-8pm every night, except Saturdays, which has morning class 10:45am-12pm. Details at under the "the classes" link. All the teachers are very different, so be sure to try a few. Classes free 10/27-11/2! Peace and thanks for your support!
for those that didn't know, yoga district is located at 1830 1st street nw, in the heart of downtown bloomingdale!

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Anonymous said...

IMGoph, we have a full write up and schedule for our grand opening if you would like it to post that would be most excellent. feel free to email me at and i will send it out to you.

thanks for the great write ups about us.