Monday, October 27, 2008

shots from this weekend's BFM

this weekend's bloomingdale farmer's market included a couple of new vendors: keswick creamery was selling cheese and pudding, and chez hareg was selling cookies and cakes at their tent. in addition, culinaerie was giving cooking demonstrations (and letting us sample some mean butternut squash soup!) i hope the new vendors come back; the cheese was flying off the shelves, so to speak, and hareg seemed to have brisk sales of her baked goods. hopefully our little farmer's market is growing up!

hareg is getting more cookies out and ready to sell. i bought some of the vegan sugar cookies (very, very good stuff!)

the cameras film the cooking demonstration from culinaerie.

this is where i always get my peppers, beans, and squash!

this little guy was at least getting most of his drink down the hatch!


Unknown said...

Yes, BFM is growing up!

Glad you like them! Keswick/Painted hand will bring more cheese, yogurt, veal and goat next week. Come early for the eggs. Hareg will be back. Greenstone Fields hopes to be back, weather dependent, with lots of shitakes and flowers. Truck Patch will have more beef.

Garner wants to know what new veggies you would like him to grow.....btw....


IMGoph said...

robin: hmmmm...if i could request any other vegetables, i'd like to see carrots and red-leaf lettuce. i'm not a huge veggie person, but i'm sure there are others out there who might have some requests. join in, anyone, with ideas!