Monday, October 27, 2008

yoga district now open—pictures from open house

yoga district's new bloomingdale studio (in the heart of downtown bloomingdale) held their open house yesterday from 10 to 2. people heading to and from the bloomingdale farmer's market were stopping in to pick up information (class schedules were available) and talk to the owners. they were busy when i stopped by, so i didn't get a chance to talk, but i did take a few pictures.

finally, "the purple building" has a use other than causing all of us to speculate what kind of mardi gras themed business would do well here.

for now, the only furnishing in the studio is this shelf in the front with a few yoga items for sale, but i overheard that more cubbies would be built in further back soon.

here's a few of the interior. that's sanded and polished plywood on the floor (plain and simple) with the original pressed tin ceiling, some HVAC ductwork and a few hanging lamps. a pretty simple place, but it's wonderful to see life on 1st street!


Jonathan Guyer said...

welcome to the neighborhood yoga district. see you tomorrow night.

Aleigh said...

Can someone post their "limited schedule" online please? I would like to get there soon, but don't walk by that area every day. Thanks!

cwest said...

this is great! can someone tell me the address? Thanks!

IMGoph said...

cwest: the address is 1830 1st street nw. it's between rhode island ave. and seaton place.

Anonymous said...

Hi! There's a limited class schedule until the Grand Opening on November 17th (fundraiser party on November 16th for Delfa Hercules' family and a Winter Peace Initiative- see for info). Until Nov. 17th, classes are 6:45pm-8pm every night, except Saturdays, which has morning class 10:45am-12pm. Details at under the "the classes" link. All the teachers are very different, so be sure to try a few. Classes free 10/27-11/2! Peace and thanks for your support!