Friday, July 17, 2009

mural in downtown bloomingdale?

there has been an enormous amount of discussion about the 'boxer girl' mural on w street in the northern part of bloomingdale. a local tv station has even covered the story, and it's been all over the neighborhood listserv, with a large number of people expressing vehement opposition to the artwork, calling it 'graffiti', and deriding the fact that it was produced (partially) with public funding.

personally, i love the mural, and i think it adds a bit of color to a grand old rowhouse.

the reason i bring this up is the message that was posted to the bloomingdale listserv a couple days ago:

From: Lyons, Nancee (DPW)
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 9:28 AM
Subject: Request for Graffiti Mural Site Recommendations

Good morning, I’ve passed the following package onto your director as well. DPW would like to move forward quickly to begin selecting potential sites for graffiti murals. These walls are typically privately owned, highly visible and have been the target of graffiti in the past. I look forward to your assistance in identifying locations in your jurisdictions that would be a good fit for this valuable project, which has helped to reduce illegal tagging in neighborhoods across the District. I welcome your suggestions and guidance. Thank you!

Nancee Lyons

Public Affairs Specialist
DC Department of Public Works
2000 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 671- 2637, 671- 0642 (fax)
now, there are not too many places in bloomingdale outside of alleys that i've seen regularly tagged with graffiti, other than the roll-down doors on the commercial space in the old sylvan theater.

there is a great, big, open blank wall on the side of bloomingdale wine and spirits, though:

i think this would be a fantastic spot for a mural. it's just a big, dead wall otherwise.

what do you think? are there other places in blooomingdale that you think would be a great spot for a mural? share your thoughts in the comments!


Pat said...

I think the wall facing Seaton Place above the empty store front at the corner of 1st & Seaton with the "Two Tall Tahoe" tag would be a good spot as well.

IMGoph said...

pat: i agree, this would be a decent location for a mural, but i get the feeling that whoever buys the one-story building on the corner will add two floors on top to get a good return on their investment, and any mural would get covered up.

dano said...

If my memory serves me, and it sometimes does, there is a big blank wall along Rhode Island just east of the dry cleaners, and it may even be theirs.

Also, how does one get on that list serve?

IMGoph said...

dano: to get on the listserv, send an email to scott roberts at the following:

scott (at)

he can help you from there!

Sean Hennessey said...

if someone wants to help me out with logistics, paperwork, and all, i'd be happy to do some paint work around the hood. my style is definitely not graph oriented, but if thats your preference i know some great artists.

shoot me an email
art at
if'n you want to make it happen.

dano said...

Another idea: the row house west of Windows Market and the Chinese restaurant is a big gray wall that is rather visible from the east side of the Rhode Island and 1st St intersection. I think this would be a good spot for some art as it already has some graffiti on it. Also, perhaps the back side, away from Rhode Island, of Windows.

Anonymous said...

whats on the second floor of the sylvan theater?